General education learning outcomes

General education learning outcomes (GELOs) are overarching skills that are taught in the general education core requirements at LBHC. LBHC’s general education requirements include Crow language (3-6 credits), Crow studies (3 credits), quantitative reasoning (3-4 credits), college writing (3 credits), college seminar (3 credits), skills for success (1 credit), natural science (7-8 credits), diversity & social science (3 credits), and arts and humanities (3 credits). See LBHC's assessment plans and reports and its 2023-24 assessment plan for a list of annual goals and progress regarding the GELO assessment process.

How to write learning outcomes at the course, program, or general education levels (July 2023)

Summary of 2022-23 and 2023-24 faculty reflections on general education learning outcomes assessment (07.11.2023 and 05.08.2024)
2023-24 blank template GELO reports (Word documents) and GELO definitions
Arts and humanities: Students will be able to identify and utilize analytical, critical, and speculative methods in understanding the human condition as articulated in literature, philosophy, religion, and the visual and performing arts.
College seminar: Students will be able to communicate in written and spoken forms.
College writing: Students will be able to communicate in writing.
Crow language: Students will be able to have conversations and write in the Crow language at a basic level.
Crow studies: Students will be able to explain issues related to the preservation, perpetuation, and protection of Crow culture.
Diversity and social science: Students will be able to apply basic perspectives and principles as expressed and used in the various fields of the social sciences and diverse populations.
Natural science: Students will be able to apply scientific terminology, and investigate and draw conclusions about the natural world.
Quantitative reasoning: Students will be able to apply quantitative (mathematical and statistical) concepts and operations to solve problems, interpret data, and communicate ideas.
Skills for success: Students will be able to use basic academic fundamentals such as note-taking, test-taking, and time management.

Completed GELO reports
Arts and humanities: CS 133 (Sharon, 2022-23), HU 227 (Janine, 2023-24)
College seminar: BU 122 (Jamie, 2022-23), HS 231 / CA 211 (Gretchen, 2022-23), BU 122 (Jamie, 2023-24), IS 102 (Ryan, 2023-24)
College writing: CA 101 (Gretchen, 2022-23), CA 201 (Gretchen, 2022-23), CA 101 (Gretchen, 2023-24)
Crow language: CS 101 (Vance, 2022-23), CS 102 (Vance, 2023-24)
Crow studies: CS 137 (Tim, 2022-23), CS 136 (Levi, 2023-24)
Diversity and social science: PY 101 (Eric, 2022-23), HIP 105 (Tim, 2023-24), PY 101 (Eric, 2023-24)
Natural science: SC 121/125 (Neva, 2022-23), SC 114 (Sara, 2022-23), SC 244 (Sara, 2022-23), SC 160 (Sara, 2023-24)
Quantitative reasoning: MA 130 (Dorci, 2022-23), MA 121 (Jonah, 2022-23), MA 216 (Amber, 2022-23)
Skills for success: ED 100 (Patricia, 2022-23), ED 100 (Patricia, 2023-24)